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We kind of knew what to expect from Jen and Colton when they told us they would be drinking shots during the ceremony, but there is so much more to them that we learned throughout our day together and it only made us like them more. They had a smaller attendance and it worked out very well for them. Everyone there wanted to dance! Mostly the kids, but young and old alike were seen out on the floor shaking a leg. That’s what happens when you invite your closest friends and family. The bonds are tighter, the relationships closer, the tears more valuable. Jen and Colton, come back and have another wedding anytime!







We went to a new place we had never shot a wedding before. As a matter of fact, no one had shot one there before! We got to watch the inaugural use of The Barn at Rock Creek in Leland where Bride Lesley and Groom Sten had quite a shindig planned! We’ve never seen such attention to detail in a new venue anywhere. There was all kinds of antique decor which those two had found themselves from all over the east coast. They served the best type of food there is: Southern. There was a falcon involved. There were actually several raptors involved. You’ll have to watch the highlights, it’s too much to explain.:)IMG_7549IMG_7562_MG_8984