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Stephanie and Colin’s International Journey

We love getting to know the brides and grooms who hire us to document their day. That’s where the flavor is! We don’t want to know ways you fit the mold, we want to know the ways you’re different!
For Stephanie and Colin, the story involves overseas travel and mission work. Stephanie was living in Scotland where she met Colin, and now in 2015 Colin brought his family and friends to Wilmington NC to watch his marriage to Stephanie. The culture clash was palpable, with several individuals being overheard asking the Scots to simply “say something because I love your accent!” True love prevailed, however, and the true spirit of love and family were all around. The groomsmen performed a line dance, posed with flowers, and the evening waned as we watched the sunset from the deck of 128 South. Tammy Bunn with Treasured Moments Photography was in place and ready to snap the shutter for all the key moments.

Here are a few stills for you to look at on your screen, and soon we will have a video ready to display as well. In the meantime, tell us what you think of kilts on our Facebook Page!